Be Thankful

Are you thankful for what you have now ? Are you feeling thankful for your parents ? Because of them, you're reading this with a computer, a laptop, phone etc ? Some of them out there are not happy with what they have. I know you feel it while you're reading this. Think again, when was the last time you thank your parents ? Do you realise that alot of them out there are homeless ? Living their lives on the streets. Creeping under bridges just for shelter ? While we are in our bedrooms cuddling our pillows living a healthy life. It's hard for them who has no money. Imagine kids who really wants to have a successful family like ours. Imagine those fathers who has no money to send their kids to school. Just imagine. If you're still in school studying. Keep the hard work. Make a benefit of what your parents are trying to do for you. Appreciate what they are doing. Something crossed my mind while I was at school. I saw a kid asking for money. And that girl is younger than me. She wanted to eat, but yeah, she has no money. What would you feel if you're her ? It's hard right ? Your homes keep you warm, gives you shelter from the storm. You are luckier by far, so be thankful where you are.


Friends ? They are perfect. If they are yours, they will always be. They know your feelings. They know you. You don't need popularity or even appearances to be with them or make them like you. You just have to be yourself. They know everything about you. You just have to stick with yourself and be with them all the time. Bestfriends with no fights ? That's impossible. If you don't have fights with them, how can you strengthen your friendship ? Well, i'm not telling you guys to fight with your best buddies, but that's the fact. If you fight, you'll try to figure out how to make your friendship stronger and how to secure it. Fights are good. Complicated are awesome. Try and figure that out. One day you'll realise who's there for you when you're down and who's happy for you when you're up. Ups and downs, who's there for you, appreciate them. Always thank them for everything. That's what friendship means. You'll be happy if they're happy. So make them :)