Friends ? They are perfect. If they are yours, they will always be. They know your feelings. They know you. You don't need popularity or even appearances to be with them or make them like you. You just have to be yourself. They know everything about you. You just have to stick with yourself and be with them all the time. Bestfriends with no fights ? That's impossible. If you don't have fights with them, how can you strengthen your friendship ? Well, i'm not telling you guys to fight with your best buddies, but that's the fact. If you fight, you'll try to figure out how to make your friendship stronger and how to secure it. Fights are good. Complicated are awesome. Try and figure that out. One day you'll realise who's there for you when you're down and who's happy for you when you're up. Ups and downs, who's there for you, appreciate them. Always thank them for everything. That's what friendship means. You'll be happy if they're happy. So make them :)

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