Be Thankful

Are you thankful for what you have now ? Are you feeling thankful for your parents ? Because of them, you're reading this with a computer, a laptop, phone etc ? Some of them out there are not happy with what they have. I know you feel it while you're reading this. Think again, when was the last time you thank your parents ? Do you realise that alot of them out there are homeless ? Living their lives on the streets. Creeping under bridges just for shelter ? While we are in our bedrooms cuddling our pillows living a healthy life. It's hard for them who has no money. Imagine kids who really wants to have a successful family like ours. Imagine those fathers who has no money to send their kids to school. Just imagine. If you're still in school studying. Keep the hard work. Make a benefit of what your parents are trying to do for you. Appreciate what they are doing. Something crossed my mind while I was at school. I saw a kid asking for money. And that girl is younger than me. She wanted to eat, but yeah, she has no money. What would you feel if you're her ? It's hard right ? Your homes keep you warm, gives you shelter from the storm. You are luckier by far, so be thankful where you are.

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